Karen Rustad Tölva



You've found my home page.

My name's Karen Rustad Tölva. Originally from Minnesota, I lived in DC, Atlanta, and Philadelphia for a couple years before moving to the Bay Area for grad school in 2010.

At my day job, I make the clackety noise on a keyboard until frontend software and UI pixels come out. Outside of work I make art sometimes. Other hobbies include reading books, bicycling, cooking, despairing over current events, fantasizing about homebuilding and urban planning, and spending time with friends and family.

Past lives have included being a free culture / free software / open access activist, an almost-lawyer with interests in national security, civil liberties, and tech policy, a full-stack web developer with extensive involvement in the Python community, a youth soccer referee, a resort cleaning lady, a choir brat, a startup incubator alum, a high school debate forum moderator, and probably a few that I'm forgetting.

What will I do next?